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Local Food - what do people really think?

A lot of us aren’t sure where our food comes from:
● 47% of people don’t know where the food they buy is produced

However there’s already a keen hard-core of local buyers
● 37% said they bought locally produced food more than once a week

Consumers are already convinced about the benefits of locally-produced food
● 88% thought locally-produced food caused less transport pollution than the alternatives
● 82% thought that it was more trusted by consumers generally
● 77% thought locally-produced food was fresher
● 67% thought it was better for their health
● 64% thought it was produced to higher welfare standards
● 58% thought it was produced to higher hygiene standards

However although 
● 49% were not worried that more than a third of UK food comes from abroad
● 83% said they would buy local food it was clearly labelled, 16% said they wouldn’t

But there is still a perception that locally sourced food of equivalent quality is more expensive
● 61% thought it was typically more expensive than food bought in a supermarket
● 21% thought it was the same price
● 14% thought it was cheaper

There's a lot of work to be done but it seems as a nation, we are moving in the right direction and learning more about our food in Britain, wanting to to buy locally, keep food miles low and eat more healthily. 

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