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Green energy for the price of brown?

Dale Vince, Director of Ecotricity, a green energy provider started the Green Britain symbol which has struck a cord with us all here at The Local Food Company. When Gordon Brown came to power, Dale Vince said: "We've needed a change in power for a very long time. A change in power from Carbon to Renewable." We agree and urge our customers to check out green energy tariffs if you cannot afford renewable installations in your own homes.

Dale wants his idea of the green Union Jack to become a symbol  and a national emblem that we take to our hearts.  "The New Green Union Jack symbolises that change; a change in attitude, a positive new green energy ambition, and a new unity. Britain can come together if we focus on our common cause, it's called climate change."

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About Ecotricity
Ecotricity were the first 'green' electricity company in the world, it pioneered the concept of making green electricity available to homes and businesses, back in 1995 when climate change was a little known concept. Ecotricity continues to innovate and lead the way in green electricity retail and in wind turbine development. Ecotricity is the UK's leading independent electricity company, supplying homes and businesses across the country.

Ecotricity believes that only by continuously building new sources of green energy can we make a real impact on the root causes of climate change in the UK. By changing where our electricity comes from we can tackle the UK's biggest single source of climate change.

Using existing cables and meters Ecotricity can supply any home or business in mainland UK. It also guarantees to match the standard price of every regional supplier in the UK (known as the Big Six) so switching to green energy needn't cost more. Something Ecotricity calls 'green for the price of brown'.


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