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10 reasons to buy local/regional Devonshire food

Ten reasons to eat local?
1. You will taste the difference.
With our organic vegetables or at a farmer's market, most local produce has been picked in teh last 24 hours. Our locally sourced food arrives on your table ripe, fresh, and with its full flavor, unlike supermarket food that may have been picked weeks or months before. Close-to-home foods can also be bred for taste, rather than bred to withstand the abuse of shipping or industrial harvesting. Many of the fruit and vegetables that are locally grown are the best we have ever had. Try our organic basil for instance - you can taste it even in amongst spaghetti bolognese.

2. You know what you’re eating.
Buying food today is complicated - has it got pesticides on? Has it been genetically modified? Is the chicken genuinely free range or did it grow up in a box? People who eat locally find it easier to get answers. We build long term relationships with suppliers whom we trust. If in doubt, we can drive out to the farms and see for ourselves. We put this leg work in for you and only use sources we ourselves trust.

3. It's sociable
Local eating is social. Studies show that people shopping at farmers’ markets or their local shops have 10 times more conversations than their counterparts at the supermarket. Shopping online with us is a bit different of course but then we are personal and nearly all feedback always compliments us on our friendly and personal service.

4. You're likely to eat seasonally
When you eat locally, you eat what’s in season. You’ll remember that strawberries are the taste of summer. Even in winter, comfort foods like celery soup just make sense–a lot more sense than flavourless strawberries from the other side of the world. It's also much healthier of course because it's only just been harvested and have higher nutritional content.

5. Discover new flavours and ancient varieties.
Ever tried kohlrabi? How about purslane, turban squash or green cauliflower? These are just a few of the new flavours we have sampled since we decided to convert from supermarket global summertime and source local food. Count the types of pear on offer at your supermarket. Maybe three? Small farms are keeping alive nearly 300 other varieties–while more than 2,000 more have been lost in our rush to sameness. Devon is supporting ancient apple varieties in a number of small scale orchards struggling to survive, for example and it's great to find these.

6. Save the world.
The ingredients for a typical British meal, sourced locally, travelles 66 times fewer “food miles.” Can we just keep burning more and more fossil fuels and learn to live with global climate change, the most extreme weather changes in recent history, wars over resources or shall we make a REAL difference in our home in such a simple, enjoyable and beneficial way?

7. Give back to the rural and local economy.
A British study tracked how much of the money spent at a local food business stayed in the local economy, and how many times it was reinvested. The total value was over twice the contribution of a pound spent at a supermarket chain. When you buy produce that is produced locally the investment into the rural economy is significant. The British rural economy is struggling and needs support to make a rural way of life sustainable. Supporting the Devon way of life is on the top of agenda - we love Devon the way it is. We don't want it to become a manufacturing economy!

8. Be healthy.
Since buying more local food (or maybe it's since running a business!) we have both lost over a stone! We feel better than ever - we eat more vegetables and fewer processed products, sample a wider variety of foods, and eat more fresh food at its nutritional peak. We have never counted calories in our lives and we have continued to eat as much food as ever and are still losing weight.

9. Create memories.
Making jam with friends on a big aga and then splitting and sharing the varieties is much better than going out for a film. I'm going to organise a jam making night with my neighbours using local ingredients as soon as we all get ahead on the local businesses all 4 of my closest female neighbours are running! Our street is clearly very entreprenuerial!

10. ....What's your own reason?
Ours is ethics. We personally feel much better about supporting our local small business people trying to earn a genuine living rather than a multi-million pound internernational empire that plays dirty half the time!

Based upon an article from The 100 mile Diet.  If you want to use some of this article on your own website, please ask permission and credit us.  Copyright The Local Food Company, March 2007.


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